8 Examples of 'The Fosters' Teri Polo and Sherri Saum Being Adorable in Real Life

8 Examples of 'The Fosters' Teri Polo and Sherri Saum Being Adorable in Real Life
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Anyone who’s paying attention to the summer TV season is probably well aware of The Fosters, ABC Family’s breakout drama about a multicultural family of biological, adopted and fosters kids being raised by lesbian moms. The show, which premiered on June 3, ends its summer season tonight with Teri Polo’s and Sherri Saum’s Stef and Lena finally saying “I do!” And we can’t wait for the big Fosters' wedding! 

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Stef and Lena are arguably the most together, sweetest, hottest lesbian couple to ever grace the small screen. But here’s the best part – Polo and Saum totally adore each other in real life. They’ve alternately praised working with each other in solo interviews, and when they’re together they just can’t help but be adorable.

Here are 8 examples of Polo and Saum being adorable in real life. 

Sherri and Teri kiss it up at an interview for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's An Evening with Women. 

And here's the interview with Traipsing Thru Films. 

Teri and Sherri promoted The Fosters at the GLAAD Awards this year. Of course we're going to watch. Look at you two! 

Okay, this isn't as much adorable as just plain seriously SEXY! 

Eating corn on the cob and learning how to make steak tacos together in a segment on Home and Family. 

We have no idea what' happening here but it's adorable! 

Just being cute with the cast of The Fosters. 

They can't keep their hands off each other in an interview on Access Hollywood. 

This is just the SWEETEST! 

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