People Are Freaking Out Over Colton Haynes' Valentine's Day Instagram Post

PRIDE Editor

Photo: Instagram (@coltonlhaynes)

After out, gay actor and Arrow star Colton Haynes posted a romantic photo on his Instagram account on Tuesday night, speculation started swirling all over the internet about what exactly was going on...

From the looks of his Insta post, Colton's boyfriend, artistic director/florist Jeff Leatham, appears to have surprised him with a candlelit meeting on the top of an LA rooftop at sunset, complete with a rose petal heart formation. 

While nothing about an engagement was specifically mentioned by Colton, that didn't stop fans on Twitter from celebrating, and being happy for the uber-emotional encounter that he just had (because, you know, gestures like that don't happen on normal, everyday dates).

Looks like we'll have to wait until Colton and Jeff themselves officially make a statement before we really know what's going on, but as of right now, it's safe to say they had a MUCH better Valentine's Day than most of us...

UPDATE: When contacted by PRIDE, Colton Haynes' publicity team said they would not be making statements about his relationship and engagement status.


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