QUIZ! : How Good Is Your Gaydar?

QUIZ! : How Good Is Your Gaydar?

Do you think you have great gaydar? Than you can look at someone and know if they are gay, bisexual, straight, pansexual... and so on? Here are 11 chances for you to test your ultimate gaydar from women who submitted their photos specifically for this purpose.  Just look at the photo of the following women, then scroll down and pick the option for how the photo pings for you. You might find that you have superhuman gaydar, or that you may need to take along a wing woman every time you go out because you're gaydar is so off. Or, the flip side can be true if you test poorly on the following pages, and it could just mean that you refuse to make assumptions based on appearance. And that's a good thing! Check out the photos on each page and tell us how you did in the comments. 

Click "Finish Quiz" to check your answer. Then move on to page 2. 


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