10 of This Year's Oscar Nominated Films Starring Host Ellen DeGeneres

10 of This Year's Oscar Nominated Films Starring Host Ellen DeGeneres

Second-time Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres loves to insert herself into movies on her Emmy-winning talk show. According to Ellen and some pretty great editing, she’s appeared in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Titanic, and Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol, to name a few.

Chances are that Ellen will appear in a few of this year’s Oscar nominated films a la Billy Crystal in during the show’s opening number this Sunday, so we figured we’d beat her to it.

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Here is Ellen in 10 of the Oscar nominated films! 

Ellen never would have floated out into space and left Sandra Bullock to make it back to earth on her own in Gravity. 

The Hobbit's Middle Earth just got a whole lot funnier! 

Ellen is not about to eat the fucking fish in August Osage County! 

June Squibb has some competition for the funniest lines with Ellen in Nebraska. 

Ellen's thrilled with her Scarlett Johannson-voiced operating system in Her! 

Leo has some competition with Ellen in The Wolf of Wall Street. 

The cat in Inside Llewen Davis should win its own Oscar, but throw in Ellen and another cat and the movie wins Best Picture. 

Ellen raises a glass with Leo again in the costume nominated The Great Gatsby! 

She even got the animated treatment in Frozen. Too bad she doesn't get a showstopping song like Idina Menzel's "Let it Go!" 

Ellen and Jennifer Lawrence scrap and kiss in American Hustle! 

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