5 Reasons We Can't Get to the Theater Fast Enough to See Divergent! 

5 Reasons We Can't Get to the Theater Fast Enough to See Divergent! 

If you're not fully immersed in the young adult novel world, you might wonder what the movie with the girl from The Secret Life of the American Teenager coming out this weekend is. But if you spend any time around teenage girls, you know they're as excited as we are for Divergent, the latest young adult series craze that is hoping you're enough of a Jennifer Lawrence fan to go see anything slightly resembling The Hunger Games.

Jokes about uncannily similar franchise properties aside, we can't help but be pumped. Even those of us who aren't fans of the book can get into what we've seen of the movie so far, and there's lots of potential for the trilogy moving forward. Here are five reasons to grab your friends and fight the screaming teenage masses on your way into the theater this weekend.

5. The Killer Soundtrack A great soundtrack can save even the worst movie. (Just look at Garden State!) So even if you hate everything you're seeing in Divergent, you can sit back and love what you're hearing. There's three different Ellie Goulding songs on the soundtrack album, plus Zedd's newest single "Find You." So no matter what, you're in for an aural treat.

4. The Potential Bisexual Allegory Granted, we don't think you'll hate what's happening on screen - especially if you read it all as Jase Peeples does over at our sister site, Advocate.com. While sitting down with Divergent star Theo James (pictured above), Peeples posed the theory that the film's central idea - that people who don't fit into one of five set norms are considered lesser - is sci-fi's first successful allegory for bisexuality. "That’s an interesting parallel to make," James said in his interview. "I hadn’t connected those dots myself, but there’s definitely truth in there." We think so, too.

3. We're Ready for the Year of Shailene Woodley Like J-Law before her, Shailene Woodley is adorable, funny and ready for a major moment. Unlike her Hunger Games counterpart, Woodley is more sexually fluid, admitting in interviews that she doesn't consider gender when choosing potential romantic partners. She's also a bit out there, to say the least, talking about Gaia and asking her Twitter followers if they've experienced their fire. So she may be a little cray cray - but we love her all the more for it. Bring on the Year of Shailene!

2. A Strong Female Lead Character We can't get enough of women like Divergent's Tris, Hunger Games' Katniss, Frozen's Anna and Elsa and Gravity's Ryan. In just the last year, we've been lucky to see more than a few powerful women at the forefront of their movies. But we're always hopeful for even more, and supporting Divergent could send a very clear, strong signal to Hollywood that yes, female-driven films are financially profitable. As Cate Blanchett put it in her Oscar acceptance speech, "The world is round, people."

1. Invest Now - Gay Characters to Come Divergent would have to pull an Ishtar to not get the green light for its sequels, so you can expect the next two books, Insurgent and Allegiant, to get the major motion picture treatment soon. The great news is that there are two gay characters - a couple, in fact! - in the third book. Amar, an instructor character who initally fell for James' character Tobias (and, really, who wouldn't fall for him), and his boyfriend George Wu both factor into Allegiant's plot. So if you want to appreciate gay characters in young adult entertainment, it's best to invest now. And while you're waiting, you can appreciate Kate Winslet's performance in the film! As if you needed another reason to appreciate Kate Winslet, that is.

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