'Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden' Season 5 Episode 7: Video

'Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden' Season 5 Episode 7: Video

Here is the seventh episode in Season 5 of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden (OJBG), a web series about "18 high schoolers, growing up and getting down in 1994 -- think grunge, Doc Martens, and under-age tomfoolery."

Mid way into the second season there began a burgeoning lesbian storyline between one of the original characters, Sarah, and a newer face in the crowd, Gwen. Their story continues in Season 5.

OJBG is the brainchild of Otessa Ghadar, a DC native who originally conceived of the series as her thesis project while earning an MFA in film at Columbia.

"Winter of our Discontent"

It’s time for this yet-to-be-named band to have practice numero uno but Sarah and Alex have both been officially dumped by their respective significant others and the word is quickly spreading. Groupie number one, Tamsin shows up to practice and starts suggesting band names which strikes a dissonant chord with the bitter and lonely Alex. Wait, summertime is supposed to all happy and sunny and stuff, right? Say hello to the winter of our discontent…

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