Top Five Santana / Brittany Moments of Glee Season 3 - Watch

Top Five Santana / Brittany Moments of Glee Season 3 - Watch

Glee’s season finale promised a big arc for our favorite lesbian Cheerio Santana, what with mega-star Gloria Estefan appearing as her mom, but alas, the lovely Naya Rivera nabbed about six minutes of screen time while Heather Morris got even less in a season ender that was at times heartrending and at times just plain ‘eh’ as writers attempted to tie up loose ends on about 12 different storylines.

Rather than a Brittana finale recap, which would run about as long as a Tweet considering the blink-and-miss-them treatment they got here it is in a nutshell followed by our top five Brittana moments of season three. 

We'll get to those shortly,  but first -- SPOILERS ahead for anyone who hasn’t caught up to Glee on her Hulu: 

Santana’s mom Mirabel turns up after months and months of teasing that the amazing Estefan would play her. Mirabel imparts some words to wisdom about going to college and getting an education, especially since Santana has a free ride to the University of Kentucky. But, Santana’s innately a star, and not unlike her frenemy Rachel Berry, her dream is to take New York by storm.

At dinner with her de facto mom-in-law, Brittany (Heather Morris) rather nonchalantly drops the bomb that she hasn’t attended a single class and pretty much has a 0.0 grade point average and thus will repeat 12th grade. Santana takes a moment to wag her finger at her directionless girlfriend and tosses out the idea of skipping college and sticking around Lima to be with Brittany – much to mama Mirabel’s dismay.

Later, Santana and Brittany dance together to one of the myriad “Goodbye” songs the Glee writers use to manipulate the audience into a cryfest but none of those songs belong to departing senior Santana – who, btw, didn't even get a solo in the finale.

Mirabel, ever the supportive mom, turns up at Santana’s locker and hands her a wad of cash she’s scrapped together to save for her niña’s college. Honoring her daughter's dreams Mirabel gives her blessing for Santana to take the money and run to New York, and that’s about the last we see of Brittana save for Santana looking smoking in her graduation gown. 

Given the short shrift that was paid to our favorite couple in a season that at times offered up some really fine representation of a happy girl/girl couple on network televsision here are SheWired’s Top Five Favorite Santana / Brittany moments of Glee Season 3.

5. "Survivor"/ "I Will Survive" - Brittany and Santana tango during a Troubletones number. Wow!: 

4. "Dance with Somebody" - Once every 1.5 seasons Heather Morris gets to take the lead on a number, and this was one of those times. How cute is Brittana in matching Whitney Houston outfits? 


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3. "Rumour Has It"/ "Someone Like You" - Santana was going through a serious reckoning with being outed during this Troubletones Adele mash-up and hit of the season. The looks between McKinley High’s most adorable couple are kind of breathtaking.

2. During the Valentine’s episode Brittana finally gets a kiss after 2.5 seasons of teasing. After all that time we thought the kiss might be a bit more impactful but it's still really cute. Though it doesn't come close to Pretty Little Liars’ Emily Fields’ make-out session proportions. 

1. Brittana made their relationship official over a romantic meal of shrimp and bread. Handholding over the table at Breadstix is by far our favorite moment of Season 3.

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