The Real L Word Season 3 Premiere Blind Items - Who Does or Says What?

The Real L Word Season 3 Premiere Blind Items - Who Does or Says What?
Tracy E. Gilchrist

The Real L Word Season 3 premieres tonight on Showtime and there is much to love and ponder about the premier episode, that is considerably tamer than the Real L Word we’ve come to know, and sometimes love and hate. Don’t get me wrong. Romi whips out her perfectly formed t*ts on camera within the first five minutes but the overall pacing is just a little on the, shall I say, contemplative, side.

As many of you know, unless you’ve been living in a Real L Word – free bio-dome, Season 3’s premise turns on an east v. west or a Tale of Two Cities (how Dickensian) type of theme with several familiar faces returning to the Los Angeles cast including lovable lothario Whitney, Romi, Sara, happily married and having a baby couple Kaci and Cory, Whitney’s ex roomie and always the voice of reason Alyssa and Romi’s adorable ex Kelsey, for whom there’s a permanent place in my heart because she kind of looks like a lesbian Emily Blunt. Meanwhile, the Hunter Valentine girls are representing an east coast grit and cool with lead singer and founder Kiyomi, co-founder Laura on drums, bassist Vero (who kind of comes off like the only one who stays out of trouble, like Eric Erlandson in Hole), and Somer, the newest member of the band, who’s hot, married and really a front woman in her own right. It will remain to be seen if she can stand by content to be keyboardist to Kiyomi’s lead vocals. Look for loads of band politics from that storyline. 

Rounding out the cast are Lauren, a stunning jewelry designer who’s moved from NYC to Los Angeles to build out her high-end jewelry business, some of which goes for 50k! And finally, Lauren’s self-proclaimed f*ck buddy Amanda, who for the moment, is still kicking it New York but will be heading west to shack up with Lauren. 

There’s plenty of sex abounding in the first episode, the reason many of the fans not-so-secretly tune in. But don’t expect any jaw-dropping drunken scissoring as was busted out early in Season 2. Either I’ve grown accustomed to the soft core of people live f*cking behind a scrim or shower curtain or in dim lighting, or there just isn’t the fire of past seasons, at least for now…

That said, without giving away the details of the major surprises of tonight’s premiere, I will toss out a few blind items and let you guess who they are! Some of these are clearly more apparent than others but thank you for playing!

To help you out a bit, watch this video with some behind-the-scenes from Season 3:

·   Which Real L Word regular has moved on and settled down, even contemplative marriage, and making shower sex seem much less hot and urgent than in past years?

·   Who do we discover has fallen back in love with an ex – boyfriend that is?

·   Who is being primed and portrayed as the east coast player even though she’s got a regular girl she’s dating?

·   Who’s got a named picked out for a baby girl (yeah, this one is easy).

·   Which regular is pretty much on the outside of her friend circle and not just because of who she’s dating?

·   Which new cast member dated the ex of one of the regulars?

·   How many of Whitney’s ex girlfriends or flings are living in Alyssa’s house?

·   Who says, “Sara is like scabies, you can never really get rid of her?”

·   Who says of another cast member, “Duh, I had a feeling she’s been hooking up with dudes the entire time.”

·   Which cast member actually uses the word “nookie” to say she wants sex from her girlfriend?

·   Who says, “He’s a boy. He’s simple. Fun and simple.”

·   Which cast member ends the episode searching for vintage engagement rings?

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