WATCH: Jamie Murray as a Sexy Lesbian Vampire in 'Fright Night 2'

WATCH: Jamie Murray as a Sexy Lesbian Vampire in 'Fright Night 2'
Sunnivie Brydum

Actor Jamie Murray is no stranger to playing lesbian — with her out characters in Defiance, Warehouse 13, and her steamy sapphic pairing with Lucy Lawless on Spartacus — but next month she's taking a mythical turn as the the lead antagonist in Fox Home Entertainment's forthcoming horror flick Fright Night 2

Murray stars as Gerri Dandridge, a sexy college professor who harbors an unquenchable thirst for human blood when she reveals her vampiric side each night. When a group of intrepid — and probably doomed — high school students find themselves in the Professor's grasp, they'll do whatever it takes to save each other and escape the sexy vamp's web of lust and terror. 

Even though this horror flick is a remake-of-a-remake that's headed straight to DVD and Blu-Ray on October 1, we'll still probably tune in for Murray's no doubt scintillating portrayal of a sapphic vampire professor who's out to teach some snotty high schoolers a lesson. Oops, were we inadvertently siding with the sexy villain again? 

Watch the trailer below. 

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