Laura Prepon is 'Definitely Coming Back' for Season 2 of 'Orange is The New Black'

Laura Prepon is 'Definitely Coming Back' for Season 2 of 'Orange is The New Black'
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Squashing any rumors that have been circulating around lesbian fangirls and their blogs (guilty!) that she might break out of jail for the second season of Netflix's smash hit Orange Is The New Black, actor Laura Prepon told Variety she can't wait to revive her lesbian character of Alex Vause, the sultry, bespectacled former drug dealer who helped land protagonist Piper in prison. 

"I know what's happening, but I can't spoil anything," Prepon told the entertainment magazine at the Variety Women In Film Party on Friday. "But I'm definitely coming back for season two. I know there's a lot floating around, but I can't wait to get back there. It's exciting."

In the wake of Sunday's Emmy Awards, Variety also grilled Prepon on whether she thinks the Netflix original series has a shot at the gold when it's first eligible for the Emmys in 2014. Prepon was cagey, but said she's been pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support and the solid fan-base the show has already garnered. 

"It's so awesome, and the fans have just been so supportive," Prepon told Variety. It's really unbelievable. People have said a bunch of really nice things. I don't know [about next year's Emmys] — We'll see."

Prepon added that she's jazzed to be working with Netflix, which she considers a pioneer in TV entertainment, with its high-quality original scripted content, and making the full season available for instant streaming, facilitating binge-watching on each viewer's own terms. 

"Netflix is really like the pioneer," she said. "We're all like the new pioneers of the next movement. It's pretty incredible being involved with it. It's really where television is going... I've been watching Netflix for a while, so for me, when I heard they were doing shows, I was like, 'Woah, this is amazing.'"

Season two of Orange Is The New Black is currently filming. 

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