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Broad Sheet: Let's Get Animated

Broad Sheet: Let's Get Animated

In this, our newest recurring feature, SheWired's editors will get you the low-down on all the can't-miss, female-centric entertainment highlights coming up this week. Just think of it as our list of Totally Awesome Things That Will Remind You Why It Rocks To Be A Woman. Don't worry, you can thank us later. 

10. YouTube: Sailor Moon Battles Wonder Woman at Street Star
By now, you’ve probably seen it, but it’s Friday, so don’t we all deserve to watch this bitchin’ costumed dance-off on YouTube one more time? A woman (or girl?) dressed as Sailor Moon and another as Wonder Woman took the stage to battle it out at Stockholm’s 2013 Street Star Dance Festival (in the Vogue Femme Final Battle), and thank god someone was there with a camera. Hint: Fast-forward to 3:50 and watch them both panting and entwined on the floor then doing pelvic tilts to a heavy beat. Perfect. If this leads to more super heroine dance hotties then I’m all for it. — Diane Anderson-Minshall


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