Broad Sheet: Hot Lesbian Rockers, Project Runway's New Girl, and More Lesbian Sex

Broad Sheet: Hot Lesbian Rockers, Project Runway's New Girl, and More Lesbian Sex

In this, our newest recurring feature, you'll get you the low-down on all the can't-miss, female-centric entertainment highlights coming up this week. Just think of it as our list of Totally Awesome Things That Will Remind You Why It Rocks To Be A Woman. Don't worry, you can thank us later.

10. TV: Masters of Sex

Entertainment Weekly may have captured it best when it called Masters of Sex a “smart show that plays dumb at first, just to get your attention.” Well, it has definitely got ours. Masters is clever insight into America’s shifting values in the 1950’s, driven by compelling relationships, depth of character, sly humor, and of course a healthy dose of nudity. Based on the real lives of sex researchers William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), the show is certainly equal parts sex- and character-driven. The beauty of the show is that  just like the characters — the sex is not just superficial. It’s also not without humor and fear. Breaking free from the norm and separating itself from the usual male-driven, testosterone-imbalanced shows that seem to dominate the time slot, Masters embraces the female side of the story as much — if not more — than the men’s. It also doesn’t shy away from homosexuality, showcasing prostitute Betty DeMilo (Analeigh Ashford) in the first few episodes, proving that sex and love are two completely different things. Though not available on Netflix, this might just be the show to hold you over until Orange is the New Black returns for the second season. Masters airs on Showtime 10 p.m. ET Sunday. Michael Regula


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