5 Reasons You Should Watch Fox's Badass 'Sleepy Hollow!'

5 Reasons You Should Watch Fox's Badass 'Sleepy Hollow!'

Sleepy Hollow is Fox’s new hit series that debuted Sept. 16. If you haven’t been watching, you’re forgiven. This show looked like run-of-the-mill, unserious, cartoonish/Halloween-ish made-for-lonely-pubescent-boys drama with no sharp edges.

But like Fox’s fabulous creep-fest from last season, The Following, Sleepy Hollow is super edgy, truly scary and full of surprises–not the least of which is breathing new life into an old story: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The show is so good, in fact, that after only three episodes Fox renewed the drama for a second season.

Sleepy Hollow is one of only two shows on the entire TV landscape to star a female African-American protagonist (the other being ABC’s Scandal). Nicole Beharie plays Lt. Abby Mills, a police detective with a secret. Lyndie Greenwood plays her dangerous sexually ambiguous sister.

(Catch up with full episodes at Fox.com.)

Meanwhile, here are 5 Reasons You Should Watch Sleepy Hollow!

5. Everyone Loves to Be Terrified.

We can’t get enough of scary, whether in the movies or on TV. We like blood, we like gore, we like the things that crawl up and over and down and make us scream involuntarily. We like to test our own mettle. How much can we take? What would push us over the edge? One of the reasons we love to be scared by movies, TV and books is because we can control the fear and walk away. But what if you couldn’t? Abby and her sister Jenny were just kids when they were cutting through the woods on their way home from school. Suddenly they weren’t alone. A stand of white birches seemed to move, whisper and something–what was it?–came after them. That event led them in different directions. But scared–and scarred–them for life.


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