There's a New Emoji & We're All Making the Same Joke

Pinch Emoji
Christine Linnell

Love texting innuendo? Hate using words? Well, do we have good news for you.

Emojipedia has announced that 230 new emojis have been approved by the Unicode Consortium and are coming to your smartphones in 2019.

In addition to vital communication tools we never knew we needed like Flamingo, Yawn Face, and Waffle, we're also getting this cute little pinching-hand emoji!

This racially-inclusive symbol will be perfect for whenever you need to text all your friends about something of diminutive size, such

Yeeeah, we don't want to speak too soon, but it's starting to look like the Eggplant Emoji has met its match.

It gets even better with the input of our favorite smoking-hot model and ASL expert Nyle DiMarco (who is probably also appreciating the new Hearing Aid emojis):

You've got to admire all the plucky people who are trying to play this off like "Look, I'm squishing your head!" but even the straights know what's up.

The new emoji rollout also includes a bunch of new couples of different genders and ethnicities holding hands, as well as an otter, a pair of underpants, a stick of butter and an ice cube. The vaguely inappropriate possibilities are endless.

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