Ellen DeGeneres & Other Fave Women Rule Out's 8th Annual Power 50

Rebekah Allen

Who are the most influential LGBT voices in American culture? Out's list of 50 not only answers the question, but provides 49+ other examples of inspiring, history-making LGBT artists, actvisits, and heroes. The diverse group is worth checking out in whole, but here are ten of the ladies who inspire us the most. 

1. Ellen Degeneres (#1): Coming in at number one, no one would contest the Academy Award-hosting, Twitter-crashing, always-dancing Ellen we've all come to know and love. She made a massive waves in LGBT presence on TV by coming out, and still continues to encourage acceptance, love, and equality today. We're always looking forward to what she'll do next, and are never let down by her kindness, kookiness, and inspiraton.


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