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24 Pics that Prove Why We Can't Get Enough of Out Androgynous Model Erika Linder

Tracy E. Gilchrist

Those in the fashion know are no strangers to the impossibly high-cheek-boned, androgynous Swedish model Erika Linder! We first really discovered this perfect human being when Katy Perry featured her as half of a lesbian couple in the lyric video for her new single “Unconditionally.” Just last week Erika starred in Of Monsters and Men's gorgeous video homage to Harold and Maude, in which a brooding young woman and an older woman fall in love. Well, we haven't stopped thinking about Erika ever since. Erika, who often looks like a beautiful young River Phoenix or Leonard DiCaprio, models both women’s and men’s fashions, and she’s simply stunning no matter what she’s wearing.

Enjoy some of Erika’s best photos on the following pages! 

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