10 Amazing Lesbian Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix

10 Amazing Lesbian Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix
Preston Max Allen

5) I Can’t Think Straight (2007): I Can’t Think Straight certainly isn’t about to win any awards for subtly in a title, but it does win the award for most upbeat sex scene montage! This one’s another film about a soon-to-be-bride, but this time it’s a Middle Eastern woman discovering she’s in love with with a British Indian girl. This film is adorable, if not exactly a masterpiece, with a bubbly ending that will leave you smiling unless you hate happiness. There are a couple sex scenes here, but the hour and 14 minute mark gives way to pure, sexy cuteness.


6) The Four-Faced Liar (2010): In a shocking twist, The Four Faced Liar is about a woman who enters a relationship with another woman while being engaged to a man. Just kidding, this plot really does happen a lot! But The Four Faced Liar involves New Year's Eve party bathroom sex (48 minutes in), and won the HBO Audience Award for Best First Feature Film at Outfest, so you know it’s actually a pretty good movie. And it is indeed a fun and fascinating little indie with good actors, good writing, and good sex. The true Netflix trifecta.


7) Concussion (2013): Concussion teaches us that sometimes getting hit in the head with a baseball can really open you up to an entirely new lifestyle. Specifically for somewhat average lesbian housewife Abby, this involves becoming a prostitute. However, it’s an unexpected but familiar client that brings out some of the film’s sexiest moments, especially right at the hour and 5 minute mark (though don’t skip the ‘pull my hair’ scene  50 minutes in). Concussion also features Emily Kinney who plays Beth on The Walking Dead, so hey, there’s something for everyone.


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