Hart has some more work to do for the Black LGBTQ community.

January 04 2019 3:10 PM

No shade to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but New Year's Eve is the greatest holiday of all time. 

December 31 2018 12:34 PM

Despite effectively showcasing the dangers of fascism, J.K. Rowling consistently fails to represent the real-world victims of a horrifying ideology.

November 19 2018 6:08 PM

What are we even celebrating again...?

November 19 2018 2:54 PM

Amanda Loucks takes us through her harrowing journey. 

August 09 2018 3:13 PM

Asian characters deserve to be seen in many different ways on screen!

August 09 2018 9:00 AM

There is no group immune to intolerance, Monica Rodman recently discovered.

July 20 2018 3:10 PM