6 Things the Larger Gay Community Can Learn From Bears

Zachary Zane

Photo: Instagram (@pedrao_gyn)

Bears (WOOF!) are an integral subset of the larger gay community. Not only are they sexy beasts, they represent a segment of gay culture that deviates from the mainstream, homonormative standard. Because of this, there are definitely a few things that the larger gay community can (and should!) learn from bears. Like...

1. Body positivity 

Bears care less about six packs and embrace the natural curves of their bodies. Most bears aren’t concerned with homonormative standards of beauty, and are actively trying to defy said standards.

2. Natural hair = sexy

Bears don’t shave anything, letting it all grow out naturally. It’s part of the masculine, natural aesthetic considered desirable by bears. 

3. Sex-positivity


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Bears are staunchly sex-positive, often self-identifying as pigs as well as bears, and are not in the business of slut-shaming.

4. Leather is more than about looks


Bears understand that there is a greater appeal to leather than aesthetics. Something happens to you the moment you put on your first leather harness, and you become part of the leather community.

5. Not playing hard to get

More often than not, bears are upfront and honest about their sexual intent with you. They don’t play hard to get, and if they’re not interested, they’ll make it clear.

6. Rugged masculinity is dangerously sexy

Woof, daddy.  

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