The Bible Has Been Rewritten With Rihanna as God and Drag Queens as Disciples, and People Are Pissed

Taylor Henderson

Just weeks after becoming the Mayor of Hell, Michigan and banning all heterosexuals from entering the town, comedian Elijah Daniel has now rewritten the holy bible for the gays. 



The EDV (Elijah Daniel Version) translation has a few updates from previous editions; Rihanna is God, she made Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve, and instead of wine, Jesus turns water into mimosas.



The Holy Bible... but gayer is now available on Amazon in its entirety, and the reviews seem mostly positive so far.





But while some are throwing back their heads in laughter over the updated bible, many others are pissed and don't appreciate the delicious irony of it all.







Daniel is fending off the haters, and says that his satircial gay bible is for all the queer kids out there who were made miserable by the teachings of Christianity, including himself. 





Many LGBT people have already told Daniel that his bravery and humor helped them come out to their own familes and friends. One user wrote, "I told myself if u can publish the gay bible & not give a fuck abt criticism then I can come out to my friends today n I did!!! Thank you for giving me the confidence to do this, I've been terrified for a while now." Another posted, "I didn't come out to my parents bc I need a home but u made me feel happier abt my sexuality :')."



Who knew a gay bible could be so inpsiring? I know how I'm spending the rest of my day.



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