14 Heartthrobs Every Gay '90s Kid Secretly Loved

'90s Heartthrobs Every Gay Kid Secretly Loved
Dustin Diehl

Whether you secretly flipped through the pages of your sister's Tiger Beat, or simply couldn't stop watching Casper, the heartthrobs of the '90s made an indelible impression on many of us budding gay boys. So pop open a Crystal Pepsi, throw on some Savage Garden, and relive some of your earliest crushes!

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
No '90s list of any kind would be complete without good ol' JTT. From Simba to Randy Taylor, JTT was all over the '90s — and all over our wall posters.
2. Devon Sawa
Sorry, Christina Ricci, you were great in Casper, but the real reason we wore out that VHS? Devon. Sawa. He set unrealistic expectations for love right from the beginning.
3. Rider Strong
Cory and Topanga may have been the leads of Boy Meets World, but Shawn kept us coming back week after week. He made us fall in love with bad boys before we even knew we loved boys.
4. Andrew Keegan
Party of Five, 10 Things I Hate About You — no matter the number, you could always count on Andrew to heat things up onscreen.
5. Erik von Detten

No DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie, duh) was complete without a little von D! Seriously, '90s hair goals.
6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Sure, Zach Morris gave us feels for cellular telephones before the iPhone was even a Steve Jobs wetdream, but he gave us lots of other feels, too.
7. Skeet Ulrich
We didn't even care that he was a psycho killer in Scream (spoiler alert!). No one could give a smolder from behind perfect '90s locks like Skeet.
8. Freddie Prinze, Jr.
We couldn't even wait to get to high school, get a makeover and have Freddie take us to prom and dance to a perfectly choreographed dance that everyone in the entire school was able to learn between montages and finals. Sarah Michelle, we're still not sure if we can forgive you from taking this gem off the market.
9. John Stamos
Oh, Uncle Jesse. You made that house (and our hearts) full, indeed!
10. Luke Perry
Ok, Matthew hit it big with Friends, but the other brother stole our hearts from the streets of Beverly Hills. 
11. Will Smith
Who can't recite the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, even to this day? We would have let him move in with us, no questions asked.
12. Leonardo DiCaprio
Before he became the legit actor we know and love (despite countless criminal Oscar snubs), this heartthrob was steaming up the small screen on Growing Pains. Oh yeah, and he did this little movie called Titanic ....
13. Matthew Lawrence
Joey may have been the older brother, but Matt proved the middle child can still hold his own.
14. Marky Mark
No. Underwear. Catalog. Was. Safe.

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