Frank Ocean Interviewed Call Me By Your Name's Timothée Chalamet and We're Hyperventilating

Taylor Henderson

No, you're not dreaming.

Call Me by Your Name's breakout star Timothée Chalamet sat down with bisexual Grammy winner Frank Ocean for an eclectic interview in VMan Magazine, and it's just as mystical as you might think. 

As Chalamet tries not to fangirl over Ocean too much (which I mean honestly same) our favorite manic pixie dream boys gab about living in New York, fashion, influences (Joaquin Phoenix most notably), artistic integrity, and just simply existing as the mega-talented people they are. 

One of the many interesting parts of the interview is Chalamet talking about the decision to change the time period in Call Me by Your Name to capture more of the director Luca Guadagnino's youth and to avoid the AIDS epidemic.

"The book is set in ’88 and he changed it to ’83 because he said that was the year in your life you can hear music from. In the movie, there’s Talking Heads, The Psychedelic Furs, or just the Bach or Beethoven—those are all songs from Luca’s youth, what it was like for him in Italy in the ’80s." 

Chalamet continued, "In 1988, the AIDS crisis had already hit and that was part of the reasoning for making [the film] a little bit earlier too, so it wasn’t as intense, and could be a little more utopic. What a tragedy for movies now that if you want to be contemporary, phones have to be involved, with texting and FaceTime. I don’t know if [the characters in] Call Me by Your Name would ever have that relationship if there was passive-aggressive commenting and 'likes.' They actually had to talk, figure each other out, and struggle with their emotions."

"And they had to wait to talk," chimes in Ocean. "You couldn’t just talk instantly, which I think is sometimes good for the conversation."

Read the full, dreamy VMan interview here

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