Why Are Gay Men So Obsessed with Pop Divas?

Taylor Henderson

Welcome to PRIDE's brand new LGBT entertainment podcast, WerQ!

Join editor-in-chief Raffy Ermac and culture writer Taylor Henderson as we sit down with Jesse Saint John, an openly gay singer-songwriter who's penned hits for Sia, Britney Spears ("Love Me Down"), Charlie XCX, Brooke Candy ("Opulence"), and Camila Cabello. 


The topic this week? Why are gay men so obsessed with Britney, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy, and the other pop divas of the world? 

"I identify with them because they were so unabashedly themselves," Raffy points out. "Growing up in the closet, I couldn't always be unabashedly myself. I found power in that when I felt powerless."

Jesse adds on to his thought, "Looking at these women who express that divine feminity that we are supposed to be ashamed of, that's why we latch onto it." 

And we play a new game called Deep Cuts, where we have to guess obscure songs by our favorite pop artists. Naturally, Taylor excels at this game, but Jesse comes from behind with an encyclopedic knowledge of pop b-sides. 

Remember this track?

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Be sure to check out Jesse Saint John's new banger, 'Move.'

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