BBC Thinks Adam Rippon’s Harness Was Inspired by 50 Shades & the Gays Aren't Having It

BBC Thinks Adam Rippon’s Oscar Harness was a Nod to "50 Shades of Grey Franchise" and Gays are Not Having It
Zachary Zane

Adam Rippon has made numerous headlines since the Oscars for wearing a sexy-ass leather harness designed by the creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott.

Some people loved it, like we did here at PRIDE. Others, had less positive things to say about the harness/suit lewk.

And BBC News seemed to completely misunderstand the reason why Rippon—who officially solidified his status as a gay icon during this year’s Winter Olympics—was wearing the garment.

In fact, they thought it was a nod to the 50 Shades of Grey series:

Contrary to popular belief, BDSM and gay culture existed prior to the release of 50 Shades of Grey.

One tweet, reading the BBC to filth, has been liked over 50,000 times: 

Clearly, the gays knew what BDSM and leather were before the rest of the world...  

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