Betty Who Shares the Inspiration Behind Each Track on Her New EP Betty, Pt. 1 

Taylor Henderson

Following the success of her sophomore album The Valley, pop starlet Betty Who is going back to her roots with her first EP since 2014.

After a split from her label and a reignited desire to make the music she's always wanted, Who just dropped Betty Pt. 1; a collection of five glossy pop songs on breakups, makeups, going out, and even vampirism?

Who took over PRIDE's Instagram today to chat about her EP and shared the inspiration behind each track.


1. Just Thought You Should Know

It's one of my absolute favorites that I've ever written. It's basically a sad confession of love over the phone in the middle of the night, telling somebody "I know I shouldn't be calling you and I know you have a girlfriend or whatever, but I love you."

2. Taste

I have been describing it as a vampire fetish rock and roll song, which is basically all you need to to know about it. It's really sexy and in the live show the boys have a sort of Magic Mike moment. 

3. Look Back

I wanted to do a song that just made you feel super sexy and pumped to be going out on a friday night and feeling yourself, telling everybody, "yes I am fucking fierce and you should be so lucky."

4. Ignore Me

Ignore me was the first song that came out from this EP and it's also one of my favorite songs I've done in a long time. It's about telling somebody that you don't need them and when they leave you, they don't get to pretend like they're your best firend anymore. Like, you broke up with me bitch.

5. Friend Like Me 

It's this sort of sad and sweet song (I do that a lot) that I wrote for somebody that I love very much who was having a tough time and when you want to be there for somebody but you don't want them to think you're imposing on them. So it's basically just about wanting to be there for someone and going like, you don't need to be anything except who you are right now. You can be a mess, you can be whatever you need to be. I just love you for who you are and I want to be there for you, so just let me be there. 

Listen to Betty Pt. 1 below:

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