Pic of the Day: Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart Cozy Up for Interview

Tracy E. Gilchrist

Oscar winner Juliette Binoche stars with Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz in the upcoming Clouds of Sils Maria from acclaimed French director Olivier Assayas. Binoche plays an aging actress cast in a revival of the play that made her a star, only now she plays the older role, while Moretz steps in as the young actress who also happens to be a climber. Stewart plays Binoche's assistant who showers her with all of the praise -- and possibly more --that an actress's ego might require. It all sounds a bit like All About Eve with a Sapphic twist. Now Binoche and Stewart are promoting the film, and judging by the Interview pics, that's a good thing. 



Tags: #Women, #Stub

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