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From gay rappers to popular music from LGBT allies, we combed the interwebs for the most trendy songs and singers. Whether you spend your nights dancing with Ariana Grande or weeping with Sam Smith, scroll for the latest stories on your favorite artists, singers and music makers. 

There are more queer women in the pop music market than ever before, and we're living for all of them! 

September 21 2018 5:41 PM

The ABBA original has been completely reimagined by the pop diva!

September 19 2018 7:10 PM

This is not a drill!!

September 19 2018 6:45 PM

The Palo Santo saga continues! 

September 19 2018 1:31 PM

Apparently, a former employee of hers did.

September 17 2018 1:12 PM

"I would love to come back for my fans when the time is right and hopefully see a room full of rainbows."

September 13 2018 2:51 PM

Enjoy the luscious lyricism and gender-bending visuals in this new music video. 

September 13 2018 2:33 PM