"My ID will now reflect such an integral part of my identity and who I am!"

June 12 2018 3:19 PM

"Jesus would have baked that cake."

June 11 2018 5:41 PM

"First, I wanna say, f**k Trump. It's no longer Down with Trump. It's f**k Trump."

June 11 2018 1:52 PM

The Supreme Court ruled that bakers can refuse to make wedding cakes for LGBT couples. Here's what they're missing out on.

June 04 2018 3:11 PM

The Supreme Court sided against the LGBT community, but the internet is still in our favor.

June 04 2018 1:52 PM

The Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision sends a clear message to the queer community.

June 04 2018 1:26 PM