Zachary Zane

Zachary Zane is a writer, YouTube influencer, and activist whose work focuses on (bi)sexuality, gender, dating, relationships, and identity politics. Check out his YouTube channel here.

Halloween (every LGBT person's fave holiday) is right around the corner! It's time to prepare! 

October 17 2018 3:39 PM

You betta vote on November 6, sis! 

October 17 2018 1:26 PM

One penguin gave the other a "special stone" which, according to the aquarium, "is the equivalent to proposing in the love language of penguins."

October 17 2018 1:16 PM

"Pretty fades and I'm gonna be funny forever." 

October 16 2018 6:24 PM

This is seriously going to be the best (and gayest) flight in the history of aviation! 

October 15 2018 3:20 PM