Lost Girl Recap 4.2 - Planes, Trains and Elementals in 'Sleeping Beauty School'

Lost Girl Recap 4.2 - Planes, Trains and Elementals in 'Sleeping Beauty School'

Sleeping Beauty School opens with Trick informing his picture of Bo that he remembers her and asking it where she is.  The picture remains stubbornly silent so presumably there will more interrogation to come, just as soon as he finishes cleaning the blood from it.  I'm loving Lost Girl's approach to resolving cliffhangers!  Remember how when we last saw Trick he was about to be attacked by an angry succubus?  I guess that sorted itself out. 

Speaking of cliffhangers that resolved themselves, Dyson is taking in his daily flashback at the site of last season's truck crash.  This time his happy memories are interrupted by a noise in some nearby bushes.  How many times do you think Dyson has harassed stray wildlife on this quest?  Judging by his persistence even after being bitten I'm hoping he's up to date on his rabies vaccinations.  Fortunately this tree is free of rabid beasts and houses only a small, Hermione-haired child.

Opening credits’ Bo assures us she will not hide anymore.  How's that working out for you Bo?  Have you noticed that you are in fact a literal Lost Girl these days?

At the clubhouse Kenzi is preparing Bo's room to entice her back with all of her favorite things: champagne, chocolate (lube and actual), blindfolds and promises of Victoria's Secret models.  Kenzi is the best friend a succubus could wish for. 

Dyson enters and introduces the hair child he believes is everyone's favorite valkyrie resurrected.  Kenzi has her doubts until Tamsinette (I'm open to other suggestions here) throws both a knife and some shade which is lucky since I'm pretty sure letting non-fae children play with large knives is frowned upon.  I have extremely limited experience with human children so let me know if I'm mistaken here you guys.  Regardless, it seems a fairly efficient method for determining if a child is in fact a resurrected frenemy who drove you over the edge of a cliff.  Dyson is hopeful that this very small version of Tamsin will be able to shed some light on Bo's whereabouts.

Have you been looking for a great place to meet your friends?  Exciting news!  Ronny's is just that!  Lauren's friends apparently didn't get the memo as she's left cursing at the payphone while Dyson's phone rings out silently.  I love that this place has a payphone.  Where is this?  The 90s?

Fortunately you can make new friends at Ronny's too as fellow waitress Crystal (Bomb Girls' Ali Liebert) is trying to demonstrate.  Crystal tells Lauren to contact her if she ever needs anything.  Lauren's mind is too focussed on fae to notice the hot blonde in floral and she rudely dismisses the offer.  Something tells me Crystal won't give up that easily though.  It's not every day new co-workers with ridiculous wigs come into her life.

Dyson and Kenzi are reconsidering their babysitting-for-information plan when Trick informs them the Tamsinette's memories may not return.  Trick shares some concerns about the lack of security at Kenzi and Bo's abode - “how are you still alive?” - while dodging questions about the fancy new wounds on his arm. 

Since the valkyrie-in-progress might be a bust Trick suggests the compass from last week might be able to tell them Bo's location.  Kenzi and Dyson argue about who will babysit and who will find the stray succubus.  Dyson is old-fashioned and believes the werewolves (and sirens) find the missing unaligned fae while the humans raise the Nordic reapers.  Trick interrupts the parenting debate with the reveal that Bo is no longer on their physical plane.

Wherever Bo is, she has some pretty fancy sheets.  The succubus awakes on a plush bed that is not on a plane but a slower form of transport – a moodily-lit train hurtling through seeming nothingness.

Dyson confronts Trick at his Dal lair about his eau de blood-of-the-succubus fragrance and Trick reveals that while they felt joy at remembering Bo, Aife went from a regular succubus straight back to crazy town.  This is exactly what daughters love to hear about their parents.  At least I assume that's why my mother tells me I drive her crazy.  And why she murders all those people.


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