WATCH: Santana Lopez as the Best Bad Santa Ever! 

WATCH: Santana Lopez as the Best Bad Santa Ever! 

Once upon a time, circa Glee’s seasons 2 and 3, we used to post about the show ad nauseum. But ever since Ryan Murphy and Co. kicked most of the originals to the curb and forced viewers to try to love an entirely new group of chorus kids, it’s a rare day when we do a Glee post. However, Santana’s Mrs. Claus in Glee’s “Previously Unaired Christmas" episode that aired last night is the baddest Santa iteration to come along since Billy Bob Thornton donned the fat suit 10 years ago, and that’s worth a post. 

Naya Rivera’s lesbian cheerleader turned waitress and aspiring performer doles out naughty quips and TMI to every child looking for the latest toy this Christmas. Naya should do this schtick for real at malls across the country this holiday season. Sadly, the video quality is not the best, so we’ve thrown in video of Santana, Rachel (Lea Michele), and Kurt (Chris Colfer) singing a “Here Comes Santa Claus” for good measure. 

Santana is the Best Bad Santa! 

Santana, Rachel, and Kurt do "Here Comes Santa Claus." 

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