Lost Girl Recap 4.5 - Hands Off to the Dark

Lost Girl Recap 4.5 - Hands Off to the Dark

Hi guys!  How has everyone's week been?  Did you accidentally join forces with your mortal enemies?  Don't feel bad – it happens to the best of us!  Lets talk about how Bo handled this slip up in Let the Dark Times Roll.

This week's episode picks up right where we left off: Bo learning that she is dark fae.  The freshly aligned succubus feels she should remember something like this but the Una Mens' maintain that their pet gargoyle read her blood and it was as dark as the coffee that keeps my neurons firing.  I like to think my blood would read like an epic fantasy novel.  Despite Bo's understandable anger at having to think of a new moniker, the Una Mens are happy to let her leave now that their problem is solved. 

It looks for almost a whole second like this meeting will end with only some parting snark but because the Una Mens are jerks they can't resist a threatening a little slow and painful death to enemies of the fae Lauren and Kenzi.  Bo responds with her usual cool head and well-considered rebuttal.

Now I'm not an expert on these matters but my gut tells me chi-sucking an entire room of fae Volturi may not going to end well for Bo.  It just so happens that any attack on the Una Mens is turned back on the attacker as the chi is sucked right back out and Bo collapses.  The Una Mens offer an ultimatum: pledge fealty to the Morrigan or choose death.

Bo and Kenzi waste no time in getting to Dark Central where Kenzi chills in the waiting room, where every number is 69 because dark fae are totally mature, while Bo recharges with the receptionist and a random in the bathroom.  Once fully charged, Bo tells Kenzi she blames The Wanderer and Vex for her current predicament.  She intends to get answers on her accidental allegiance and get that new clan smell out of her hair and her blood.  Dyson is on a missing doctor hunt this week and Bo stresses over Lauren's safety.  Kenzi is down with the gravity of Bo's concern but also keen to assess the wardrobe options that would come with being bestie to the dark.

Upon being summoned into the Morrigan's office Bo and Kenzi are shocked to find the newly reinstated Evony seated under her own 'in memoriam' picture.  The dark leader expresses her joy at Bo finally getting off the fence but is not behind her unwilling choice.  She invites team unaligned to a dark ceilidh (because who loves gaelic parties more than the dark?!) that afternoon, suggesting they will find Vex there.  As much as Bo hates last-minute invites she learns that to annul her commitment she must prove it fraudulent by the full moon that evening.  Bo seems to be the only one particularly bothered by the situation as with one compliment from the Morrigan, Kenzi is totally team darkness.

While the girls get ready for their party Trick is having his own story, making a dinner date for info on The Wanderer and staring at a creepy vibrating seed thing before locking it away in his vault.  Because, sure.  An Una Mens goon appears with a summons warning the Blood King to get his life story in order.

The dark fae high tea looks oddly like a wedding reception, even featuring cheesy saplings party favors.  Kenzi amends her initial judgment when the free booze appears and I would totally judge her if that wasn't the exact way to win my undying devotion.  Tamsin gets straight into the cocktails too because a child valkyrie in an adult body is absolutely someone you should give alcohol to.


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