10 Reasons We Couldn't Stop Watching Lesbians on TV in 2013!

10 Reasons We Couldn't Stop Watching Lesbians on TV in 2013!

TV is widely considered to be in its Rennaissance, and that is no more evident than in the number of lesbian and bisexual characters on television in 2013. From smart, sexy women in prison (If the Emmys considers Netflix TV then so do we) to a science nerd clone and a tried-and-true lady doc couple, female queer characters on television were water cooler convo along with fare like the Breaking Bad finale and Mad Men. 

Here are the top 10 reasons we couldn't tear ourselves from small screens everywhere! 

10) Two Women and an Undead Baby

A sneaky gem of a show this year was eight-part French series The Returned (or Les Revenants if you want to sound all fancy), an eerie show that somehow made necrophilia less weird.  Lesbian couple Julie (Celine Sallette) and Laure's (Alix Poisson) relationship is first revealed in a flashback to happier times, more specifically adorable make out times with Batman and Catwoman costumes.  Sadly the relationship ended, as so many do, not with a bang but a squish after Julie's near-fatal stabbing and a little mild cannibalism.  The break up left the pair with only animosity when we meet them years later.  Or did it?  Hint: it did not.  There is also enough sexual tension to bake a baguette. And what better to bring them back together than Julie taking in an undead child she found wandering?  So many questions were left unanswered this year that I'm hoping for some hard core undead explaining in the upcoming second season along with more Julie and Laure (costumes optional).  If reading television isn't really your speed there's also an American version coming from another master of unresolved plot points, Lost's Carlton Cuse.


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