Lost Girl Recap 4.7-  Faeception

Lost Girl Recap 4.7-  Faeception

Hi guys!  How were everyone's holidays?  Mine have been great – this year the best gift has been Lost Girl having new episodes right through the festive season!  This is either a sign that I like this show a whole lot or a tragic indictment of my entire existence!  While you ponder the possibilities I'm going to move straight into talking about La Fae Époque.  I've said it before and I'll likely say it so many more times but Lost Girl can be a weird little show.  That's one of the things I love about it and this episode is a shining example of that.  This was a little bit like reading some truly crazy alternate universe fan fiction.  Note, this is not a complaint.  But enough of my vague musings.  Let's get into it!

The episode begins with Bo and Kenzi dragging an Una Mens monk into the police station to see Hale about Dyson's imprisonment.  For once the other police in this precinct look mildly disturbed but rapidly adopt their usual shrug and move on approach to the detectives with the special dress sense.  Bo attempts to work her succubus magic on the monk but to no avail, leading the group to decide their new friend is a eunuch.  Thankfully Hale's siren power gets a better response and the monk admits that Dyson's execution has been sentenced as punishment for treason and murder of both fae and humans in 1899.  Having provided this useful information the monk chants a few words before suddenly asphyxiating.  The team lament their limited options as Kenzi hopes the Una Mens are bluffing.

Over at the Una Mens lair a naked (because sure) and chained Dyson watches on as another fae who has betrayed them is stabbed to death.  So maybe they're not so much with the bluffing?

We skip the planning meeting for this week's adventure and get right to Lauren wiring Bo up (sadly not a euphemism) with some sort of inception device to let her live Dyson's memories and hopefully prove his innocence.  They make some awkward small talk about Bo's relationship with Dyson and Lauren's bonding with the Morrigan until oracle Cassie interrupts the flirting to hurry them along.  Cassie mentions the “gaping black hole in Bo's memory” but explains that she cannot access it.  Lauren pulls out some yarn which Cassie identifies as the extremely dangerous “red string of fate” that could fry Bo's brain.  It just so happens that it is also the only way to link Bo with Dyson's brain from a remote location.  And it makes a lovely accessory, as so few wireless transmitters do.

Lauren explains to Bo that while she will be in Dyson's past her own subconscious will take the liberty of inserting people she knows to make the experience more familiar.  Cassie warns that when she makes an appearance it is time for Bo to get out or risk permanent insanity with her mind fused to Dyson's.

In the Una Mens compound of sponge baths, Kenzi makes an appearance in the season's hottest monk garb to wash Dyson down and place a matching red band on the wolf's leg.  This initiates Bo's journey through Dyson's past, where she immediately wakes naked in bed with some blonde sisters.  One can only assume Dyson is pretty proud of this.  The girls' father busts in and the Bo/Dyson hybrid (Boson?  I'm going with Boson) has vanished through a small wolf-shaped hole in the door as both sisters exclaim “I love him!”

In the street the wolf morphs back into Bo who dresses in a fetching cape ensemble and spies her reflection in a window demonstrating that while we are seeing Bo the other characters are seeing Dyson.  As she (I don't even now how to deal with pronouns here and maintain my own sanity) reads a newspaper advertisement for a cabaret featuring someone named Flora Blooms, the man from before catches up to her and now he is both armed and accompanied by a friend.  Fortunately before the angry father can shoot Trick arrives and takes the man out with a bo-staff.

Trick takes Boson back to his candle-filled home and suggests she could be more than the roguish philanderer he sees before him.  He manages to pique Boson's interest by mentioning ancient hell-shoes sought out by powerful fae, including The Wanderer.  A prince of some sort has apparently secured these nasty Nikes and is planning on selling them.  In case you weren't paying attention, this episode just became about evil shoes with the power to end the world.  We learn that Trick is his own Blood King self (rather than a subconscious personification of another character) in this scenario but Boson is not picking up what he's putting down.

Back in the real world Bo is muttering random words from Dyson's memories.  While Lauren struggles to assign importance to shoes, bo-staff and boobs (though her attention is certainly gained), she does perk up at the “he who wanders.”  After this it's straight back to boobs and no more sense is to be made.


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