Lost Girl Recap 4.8 - Groundhog Fae 

Lost Girl Recap 4.8 - Groundhog Fae 

Hi everyone, Are you all ready for yet another crazy episode of Lost Girl?  I hope so because Groundhog Fae delivered all the fun and adventure we've come to expect from this show, by which I mean it was silly, sexy and adorable in equal parts.

The episode opens with a scene that you might have caught as a promo before the season started.  In case you didn't see it then (or now), here are a few pictures to catch you up.  It's really just your regular post-battle car wash, where Bo works out her feelings and Lauren and Dyson work up some feelings watching. 

Hale literally snaps the voyeurs out of their trance and we learn that the team have been hunting since Bo's dramatic mission statement with no success.  Bo enters the run down fae gas station and leaves cash for fuel before eating a piece of candy from a bowl on the counter.  Dyson and Hale are getting excited for the evening's yule festivities, reliving childhood moments of hiding from Crampus, who is a prankster-fae Santa Claus-esque figure.  Unlike traditional Christmas, Crampus is all about summer visits and keeping things hot.  Lauren and Dyson amicably agree on Bo's general naughtiness and engage in a cute spot of rivalry as they both try to climb in the back of the convertible with Bo who declares it time to lose the wet clothes.  Dyson admits defeat with some grace and as the team drive off we see the mechanics loading what appears to be a body into the engine of a car.  Now I know less about mechanical workings than your grandmother's pet ferret but I'm pretty sure I've never had to check the body level in my car.  Is this some sort of new fae biofuel?

After the opening credits we join a reindeer sweater-clad Trick trying to instruct Kenzi in the importance of the yule holiday as they prepare the apartment for a party.  Dyson and Lauren enter lamenting their failed mission while a be-horned Hale enters in the party spirit.  Kenzi instructs that there will be heavy partying for Bo's sake to demonstrate that she is still loved.  Unfortunately Bo awakes in the back seat of her car feeling deserted and enters the party to avoid a making out couple and the advances of a sweet sweat fae who is eventually warded off by everyone's favorite muscle man, Bruce. 

In Bo's room Lauren presents a box to Dyson that was delivered to the dark fae archives sent by the succubus herself in times forgotten.  Lauren admits to having opened it and they begin to debate whether or not to give it to Bo when the subject of conversation enters the room.  They pair up to block her view of the box and Vex enters drunkenly complaining of his one-handed status.  In one of Bo's corsets, prompting her to go in search of Kenzi.  Lauren wisely declares that more alcohol is required and everyone agrees. 


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