Lost Girl Recap 4.10 - H20: Just Add Doctor 

Hi guys, Are we all excited to spend some more time in forgotten memories?  How about mermaids?  If you're not excited about mermaids I really don't even know what to say to you right now.  Maybe I'll just get into the recap and we can discuss this again later. 

Waves begins with a blood smeared Bo leaning over a sink and hearing the argument that ensued after last week's admission of her Rainer destiny.  The destined one himself approaches and assures her that a mysterious “they” left them no choice.  I'm really hoping he's talking about the ketchup fight that broke out causing them both to be stained.

We then join a feisty blonde woman at a very fancy indoor swimming pool as she threatens someone over the phone to ensure her new mobile launch goes ahead.  With that sorted she takes a relaxing dip but upon reaching the far edge of the pool struggles to get out of the water.  That seems a little strange since she seems a capable enough swimmer.  Once she is out of the water both we and her discover the problem: she lost her legs while swimming.  How clumsy!

My new favorite doctor-werewolf dream team are chilling at Dyson's gym and while Lauren grudgingly accepts that Bo has locked them out, Dyson wants to intervene.  Kenzi brings the team a month's worth of caffeine and our freshly legless friend who is to be their new client.  Apparently the three of them are now the private investigating team?  I want this to be a thing that happens enough that I am resolved to question it no further. 

The legless woman, Diana, was swimming in her corporate pool when the incident occurred so Dyson feels it is likely this was an inside job.  Office politics can be so grisly.  I am also clearly working for the wrong companies as I would kill to have access to a pool like that even if it did sometimes eat my legs.  Diana is perhaps jealous of the team's deliciously epic coffees as she turns down a glass of water and gets straight into talking about the company, Alaria.  While she has no knowledge of how the products are made she suggests Darren Clare, the mysterious head of Alaria, is the man they should investigate as he is a keeper of many ominous secrets.

Diana has set up corporate identities for Dyson (efficiency consultant) and Kenzi (mail distribution and maintenance) to infiltrate her workplace and solve the mystery of the missing legs.  She warns the team that Alaria uses state-of-the-art heat sensor technology to monitor employees so will be alerted if either of them become distressed.  She has also hacked them into that system so that they can monitor other employees for a possible leg-thief.  Speaking of thievery, for the first time in weeks we revisit Kenzi's shadow thief training which has thus far only enabled her to steal Lauren's panties.  Repeatedly.  She's clearly going to be taking the world by storm.

After deserting her friends for the moment Bo is having some second thoughts about this Rainer situation.  She tells her new towel-clad destiny-friend that she needs to understand and he holds her hand and we venture into the train of flashbacks.  Bo busts in direct from her capture at the end of last season and finds a largely indifferent Rainer who claims he has no knowledge or interest in her kidnapping. 

At business HQ Kenzi and Dyson have switched their intended roles and as Kenzi rocks a red business suit, Dyson pushes his mail trolley and Lauren is wired in to both.  Dyson attempts to deliver mail to Darren Clare but is informed by his sassy assistant Tad that not even he delivers mail to his boss.  Dyson instead places a heat sticker of some sort on the envelope and Kenzi follows it through the vents to a room of legs in jars.  It's like Futurama in here but with legs instead of heads.  A chute is delivering mail to a tray which Kenzi immediately starts reading and finds some hefty medical bills for Tad featuring words she cannot pronounce. 

Meanwhile Dyson is investigating the poolside botanic situation and Lauren identifies a plant as a possible aquatic and requests a sample.  He tastes the pool water and identifies it as salt water and also finds a pearl in the filtration system.  There seems to be a whole lot more investigating happening in this mission than when Bo is involved.  Dyson hasn't seduced a single staff member at Alaria yet.

Over on the flashback train Bo confronts her handmaiden who informs her it will be three days before the next stop and any attempts to exit prior to then will result in her own destruction.  Handmaiden proffers a sexy red dress and asks Bo to give Rainer a chance before passing over a dinner invitation.  I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before but the handmaiden was a tea pot.  Please let them start singing to make her feel at home soon.

At Dyson's gym Lauren identifies the pearl as a crystallized salt deposit.  This causes Dyson to freak out because solidified round salt is terrifying to werewolves.  Or possibly because his knowledge of all things fae tells him they're facing something worse than they can imagine: mermaids.  Kenzi responds as though she's just been invited to a ball at King Triton's palace to make Ariel part of her world.  Lauren acts all doctory about it as Dyson again attempts to warn them both of the severity of these finned fiends while agreeing that they should continue to help eradicate them from the corporate pool.


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