Lost Girl Recap 4.11 - Dead and Deader

Lost Girl Recap 4.11 - Dead and Deader

Hey you guys, If you haven't watched this yet you're in for a totally fun romp in the usual Lost Girl world of succubus shenanigans.  I'm so excited to share the joy with you that I just can't wait to talk about this episode, “End of a Line.”  If you've already seen or heard about it than you're probably as drunk as I am just to keep going and we can group hug about it in just a few minutes.

After a week off Tamsin has returned to the apartment of now predominantly dark fae and is planning some quality horror movie time with Kenzi.  Before they can get into zombie night Kenzi gets her rant on about Bo's abandonment of their sacred alliance.  The succubus in question enters mid-outburst and promises that they will always be Bo and Kenzi.  We know she means it because she quotes Jerry Maguire as only a best friend can. 

Bo heads downstairs on a snack run and encounters a zombie with the same plan.  It seems Bo should have spent a little more time on Kenzi's undead movie collection than yelling “show me the money” because in a rookie error she stabs him in the chest.  The zombie is nonplussed and continues towards her brains when an unseen figure decapitates him.  As zombie's head slides to the ground Acacia, Tamsin's old valkyrie mentor Acacia introduces herself to Bo. 

Tamsin mirrors my emotions about Acacia's return – was she not dead last we heard?  It seems sometimes a hand in a box is just a hand in a box as Acacia was alive and kicking, just not juggling until Massimo re-attached her hand.  This season's hand re-attachment tally will start to rival it's memory-recovery numbers at this rate.  Just kidding, there aren't enough hands in Canada for that.

It turns out that Rainer's crows performed the amputation when Acacia failed to make Tamsin deliver Bo promptly enough last season.  She seems only mildly surprised to learn that Bo and Rainer are now going steady and hastily makes to excuse herself, explaining that she was just there for the revenant which is a fancy word for zombie fae.  Also the French title of the best show I read last year.

Tamsin inspects the revenant's clothing and finds The Wanderer card.  She thinks Rainer is behind the dead raising but Bo insists he's just gone to the battlefields to pay respects to the dead.  The valkyries remain unconvinced and remind Bo that really she knows nothing about Rainer.  Her assurances that he is just a good guy bring comfort to nobody and the team set out to find out who is really raising the dead.

Trick is spending some quality time with his whiskey flask and a picture of a dragon-pegasus beast when Vex drops in.  He recounts some peace-bringing history of Trick's and the blood king explains that Rainer was a constant thorn in his side.   He laments the drastic blood journaling measures he took against this defiant challenger while real evil is still a thing.  Trick mentions the garuda and this creature in his drawing, called a pyrippus, as examples of actual darkness.  He and Vex then take a nice trip down memory lane, as Trick shares his respect for Papa Mesmer who Vex never got along with.  If anyone had 'daddy issues' in Vex emotional trauma bingo you can cross that one off right now.

Over at Bo and Kenzi's house of zombie killing, Kenzi has just finished cleaning up the twice dead fae mess and is waiting for her high-pitched beau to arrive.  She is more than a little surprised to find not Hale, but her cousin Dimitri and mother at the door.  Hale arrives just as the family are having an awkward reunion and proudly declares that he was the one who invited them.

When it comes to hunting zombie summoners it seems the place to go is a rundown part of town that resembles a refugee camp or District 9 but with more fae and less aliens.  Bo, Tamsin and Acacia are almost instantly welcomed by a revenant and as Bo knifes up she is intercepted by Dyson who hates to miss out on an accusing-the-ex's-new-man-of-evil-deeds party.  They split into pairs, with Bo and Acacia teaming up to bicker at each other and catch up with the valkyries' old revenant-raising friend Harvey.  Acacia presents the original revenant's head and Bo works her sleazy magic to persuade him into cooperation. 

I must admit I didn't immediately assume that Harvey's method of gaining intel would be gross and I feel incredibly naïve for that.  Because how else would he learn about the undead than by pouring the juice from the head into a shot glass and sipping?  Sometimes it's like I don't know anything about anything.  He helpfully informs that this is the only way to gain dominion over a revenant or to find out who does.  After critiquing the tannins in the blood he reveals that this revenant is “hers” – gesturing at Acacia and inciting a cat fight between her and Bo.  While he starts in with some amateur film making, the valkyrie claims she killed the man but had no part in his return.

The other half of the revenant investigation team, Tamsin and Dyson, are finally spending some quality time together when they come across a crazy man raving about a woman who is both dead and alive and can control the dead.  Tamsin makes her way to Harvey's to find Acacia and Bo in the midst of the lamest fight ever.  Are these two not bother warriors?  When did they decide hair-pulling was their favorite form of martial arts?

Kenzi's mother comes to talk to her daughter and the most important thing about this scene is that her full name is Mackenzie.  Also the incredibly sad story of how she was forced onto the streets by her mother's boyfriend.  Mama Kenzi finally kicked him to the curb around six months ago and was super excited by Hale informing her of Kenzi's location.

It's valkyrie bonding time and Tamsin reluctantly admits that it was her that gave Rainer's soul to Trick, rendering him The Wanderer.  Acacia realizes that the revenants must be after Tamsin and her close friend-ish relationship with his new squeeze is unlikely to save her.  The group find a voodoo priestess named Laveau who with very minimal denial reveals that she is behind the attacks.  She says Bo has what she needs – the seed containing the powers of the Una Mens.  Laveau states that she needs the power to defeat the pyrippus, which is apparently on its way.


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