Lost Girl Recap 4.12: Prophecies, Parentage and a Pyrippus

Lost Girl Recap 4.12: Prophecies, Parentage and a Pyrippus

Hi everyone, How did we all enjoy this penultimate episode of season four of Lost Girl?  As much as I enjoy using words like penultimate?  There was so much going on this week, from parental revelations to prophecies galore, that my head is still spinning! 

Although my tears have only just dried from a fortnight ago they are refreshed by “Origin” opening with Hale's funeral.  Dyson gives a sweet eulogy and announces that they are now beginning the day of silence to mourn him.  This is apparently a purely symbolic day as nobody is silent at all during this day.  Kenzi and Bo share a moment where Bo promises to be there for her bestie for anything she needs.  As expected, they are immediately interrupted by the appearance of a lady knight from the Order of Rainer pledging fealty to Bo.

Our new knight friend has little regard for mourning and insists that prophecy states the pyrippus will rise following the death of the Una Mens.  Apparently the dragon-pegasus will be gunning (or at least breathing the fire) for Bo when he comes.  She offers Bo a charming necklace but the succubus has no time for ancient prophecies or hellbeasts when Kenzi is sad.  This stance is sure to last at least a few minutes.

Bo follows Kenzi to the back room of The Dal where she promises that Massimo will pay.  While I agree he deserves all the pain I must admit some concerns about a Bo revenge plan.  I'm sure this one will go swimmingly though as Bo is certainly renowned for making good choices.

Conveniently, Massimo is chilling in the former Una Mens dungeon.  He has his own piece of prophecy to share – namely that Rainer will die seven days after he rises unless his curse is broken.  Remember Rainer you guys?  That dude who is apparently Bo's destiny but has been her absentee, battlefield attending destiny of late?  Massimo chooses not to elaborate but instead to taunt Kenzi about Hale until Dyson gets all hands-on and the druid is inspired to whisper (presumably) sweet nothings in his ear.  Dyson declares that the murder party will have to wait as they have to take Massimo to see Trick first.  Kenzi is understandably disappointed by her friends' failure to do murder for her and accuses both Bo and Dyson of betraying her.  Bo implores her to trust Dyson but this heartbroken human is not feeling it as she storms out armed with the druid's sword still bearing Hale's blood.

In some form of dark library Lauren is reading up on the competition when the book starts literally writing information about Rainer in front of her eyes.  The book states that Rainer will betray the fae and wreak torment beyond belief.  Before Lauren can fully process this information Evony enters the library explaining to an unseen figure that the world would be a better place if it contained one less succubus.  The doctor grabs some books and scurries unnoticed before Trick emerges and states that killing his own granddaughter is not high on his to do list.  The two do agree that they must do something about Rainer and decide to put their different hues aside to face the current threat.

Back at the Dal it seems that Bo's wayward wanderer has returned and she brings up his potential impending doom.  Her new knight friend Rosette, who could have wandered in straight from the set of Legend of the Seeker (after flying across the world from New Zealand) enters and Rainer is thrilled.  Rosette seems unconcerned by the curse situation and Tamsin helpfully reads the curse manual again while Bo interprets it.  It's like everybody's prophecy news alerts went off at once this week.  Basically if Rainer's eternal train commute curse was ever to be broken a secondary, earthly curse would be initiated to ensure he died in seven days.  Tamsin again helps us out by stating that he has been back for six fun-filled days now.  The curse also states that only through the blood of Rainer's enemy would the curse be broken and Bo reiterates that she herself shares the blood of his nemesis Trick.  Somehow this means that they can find the pyrippus and work out who is messing with Rainer.  I'm not entirely clear on how this works you guys but let's just go with it.

The team work out that they need a symbol shared between Bo and Rainer to break the curse and Bo comes up with the oft-seen wanderer tarot card.  When Kenzi held the card previously it revealed itself as a ticket by catching fire.  This time Bo takes a more direct approach, lighting the card with a match and blowing it out to reveal the Roman numerals MMXV – 2015. 

As the trio discuss the possible meanings of the number they are joined by Lauren and her fun reading material looking for some alone time with Bo.  She shows Bo a book with ink still wet from the rewriting of history.  The book contains a picture captioned “The Wanderer” showing a hairy, beast-like creature and not the lightly bearded man of destiny in the next room.  Remember when I totally called this as a Beauty and the Beast situation back on the train?  I'm just saying. 

This freshly renewed prophecy text mentions the warrior being set free, a valkyrie's rebirth and Zamoran blood letting which all sounds a little too familiar to Lauren.  A little less clear is its reference to women of the horse rising but it's again touching close to home when it states that between the warrior and the queen one shall die.  Bo starts accusing Lauren of trying to get back at her for choosing Rainer.  This leads the doctor to reveal that she stayed with the dark to help Bo but could not reveal this lest The Morrigan find out.  These two ruin my day yet again as Lauren reiterates that everything she does is for Bo and Bo reminds us again that Lauren broke her heart.  A moment of intense staring and shuffling towards each other is broken by Rainer who erroneously believes his impending death by curse more important than Bo and Lauren's drama.

Evony arrives home to find a lingerie-clad Lauren waiting in her bed with two glasses of champagne, apparently moving on from Bo's rejection.  The doctor informs her leader in darkness that she wants to celebrate her decision to join the dark officially.  The Morrigan is understandably dubious about this sudden change of heart and Lauren gives a nice speech about the dark letting her come into her own.  Evony takes longer than any reasonable woman should with a near-naked Lauren in their bed but eventually comes around, declaring humans difficult to understand but fun to play with.

Bo, Rainer and Rosette have meanwhile located a spiritual center with a horse motif as their logo.  The woman who greets them informs Bo that the horse symbol is great and all powerful but also that if Bo gets her hands on something she shouldn't that her blood will destroy him.  Despite this incredibly vague warning the zealot does eventually reveal that the pyrippus is in fact Bo's father.  I'm am I the only one confused by how a fire-breathing horse creature is Bo's father?  She is quite clearly bipedal and I've never noticed her breathing fire.


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