WATCH: Sara Gilbert on Miley Cyrus Being 'A Little Gay'

WATCH: Sara Gilbert on Miley Cyrus Being 'A Little Gay'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It seems like at least every other week there’s a new photo circulating of Miley Cyrus planting her lips on some woman. Late last year Miley kissed model Cara Delevingne (now Michelle Rodriguez’s full-time lady friend), and last week the “Wrecking Ball” queen lip-locked with a fan during her show on her Bangerz tour after saying, “I’m a little gay.”  On Tuesday the women of The Talk chatted about Miley’s predilection for the ladies, and the show’s resident lesbian Sara Gilbert weighed in.

“Speaking as ‘the little gay,’ I think there’s a word for being ‘a little gay’ and it’s bisexual,” Sara said. “But I also think Miley is doing everything she can to stir up publicity right now. She’s really smart… Who knows what she is, but what’s great I think is this generation is so much more open to not defining themselves…”

Watch Sara below! 

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