WATCH:New The Fosters Sneak Peeks to Hold You Over Until Monday! 

Rebekah Allen

We may still be far from Fosters Monday, but we’ve got three whole new minutes of sneak peek footage to keep us at least slightly occupied! In the first clip, Jesus commandeers Brandon’s room, much to Mariana’s dismay, and Stef storms in to put an end to the madness.


In sneak peak #2, which features some rare Brandon/Mariana bonding time, we learn that Mariana’s sad love life is still not looking up post-Zac breakup, and that she truly may never live that underwear incident down.


Lastly, sneak peak #3 features mostly Emma’s hair, but also news of the Jexi breakup and Emma rejecting a potentially sexy study party. Get it together you two! Lexi went all the way back to Honduras for your love to thrive!

Looks like we’ve got an episode kid-tasticness coming up, but we’re still reeling from that steamy Stef & Lena ABC Family-approved almost sex scene last week, so it’s hard to complain!

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