Entertainment Weekly Serves Up a Multi-Maslany Cover and Footage of a New Clone

Rebekah Allen

It's a good thing Entertainment Weekly is just as obsessed with Orphan Black as we are, because exclusive news just keeps on a'coming. This week, not one, not two, but three Tatianias grace the EW Cover, and the website is rife with exclusive photos and teasers, to the point where maybe they should just go ahead and rename themselves "Entertainment Clone Club." It looks like this week's issue will introduce us to a new religious group with a potentially (and most probably) dangerous leader, several new alliances, and most excitedly (or depressingly), a new clone.

Earlier today, video footage and a impressive amount of information was released on Jennifer, a positive mid-western teacher, swim coach, and pre-Olympian turned weak, powerless medical study after her version of the mysterious illness contracted also by Katja and Cosima threatens to destroy her completely. Though Jennifer doesn't know she's a clone, her medical treamtment is provided by Dr. Leekie and the Neotlutionists, so there's certainly something sinister going on here. Her character is introduced to Cosima through a series of video diaries, one of which we get to see here, along with her very first video diary, in which we get a glimpse of what her life was like before getting sick. Is Jennifer still alive? Is this the same path Cosima will soon find herself heading down? Will Tatiana finally get nominated for an Emmy this year? The questions just keep adding up, and the April 19th season 2 premiere on BBC America is sure to offer just the very tip of an iceberg's worth of answers.

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