MUST-WATCH: A Study of Sex and Love in Orange Is the New Black

MUST-WATCH: A Study of Sex and Love in Orange Is the New Black
Rebekah Allen

Warning: the video below contains some pretty big Orange is the New Black season 2 spoilers. However, It also contains some of the best and most heartbreaking sex scenes of the season, along with detailed analyzations of just what makes OITNB stand out in a world of lesbian sexploitation on TV. If you originally tuned in to the Netflix original for steamy, arousing lesbian sex scenes, you may have been disappointed to find that OITNB is actually much more focused on portraying real, honest, and often messy human relationships. But that's exactly what we love about our favorite inmates, and we wouldn't trade the often painful reality for all the well-angled glitz in the world. Check out the five-minute video to remind yourself just how beautiful (and occasionally torturous) love on Orange is the New Black can be:


And here's some bonus awesomeness for your day! Natasha Lyonne (Nichols) recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk the intensely passionate OITNB fan base, the new 'face-sitting' craze, and just be generally wonderful to behold. Sure, most of us have probably already finished the second season, but luckily the amazing cast and OITNB team keeps coming up with new, fantastic, (and often sex-related) content to keep us busy!

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