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The 31 Most Eligible Out Women of 2014

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Eligible Out Women Poll, where you get to decide who you’d love to date – if you could. Following in the footsteps of our sibling site, we've chosen 31 of our favorite out, eligible lesbian and bisexual women, and present them here for your perusal. To the best of our knowledge, each of these women are currently not spoken for as we did our best to reach out to each one and ensure they weren’t hiding a significant other somewhere. But if you happen to be dating one of them, well, congratulations!

From the very famous, like the newly out Ellen Page, to a myriad of stand-up comics (including up-and-comers) to web stars, we’ve tried to put together a diverse group of strong, beautiful, and single women. And even though there’s a vote, let’s be honest, they’re already all winners.

Please feel free to shoot us an email or a comment and let us know who's spoken for. Now, without further ado, we present all the single (gay) women! Because we know that picking just one is tough, you can vote for as many women as you'd like once per day until March 31. 

Ellen Page - Oscar Nominated Actress for Juno 

Ellen's Twitter 

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