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The history of gay women is long and storied. From the creation of western civilization, same-sex attraction between women has underlay some of the greatest works of art, from Sappho’s poetry to Gertrude Stein’s writing to the revolutionary thought of Audre Lorde. While history has privileged the experiences of gay men over that of gay women, gay men and gay women have existed side-by-side since the beginning, fighting for the same rights, celebrating the same victories. Pride has the newest stories about the life of gay women, from political struggles to health issues to representation in popular media. Check it out today!

PRIDE chats with Emma. stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn about being a part of the newest adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved novel.

February 20 2020 2:08 PM

This is terrible news!

February 20 2020 1:04 PM

Her new album has some romantic songs for the queer ladies listening.

February 20 2020 12:04 PM

Comedian Mae Martin and Lisa Kudrow star.

February 19 2020 11:14 AM

Jam-packed with style and heart, there's a lot to love about Harley Quinn and her badass team of heroes in Birds of Prey.

February 06 2020 1:49 PM