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WATCH: What Do Lesbians Actually Do In The Shower?

Is it a soapy wet dream like we imagine? Nope!

WATCH: 15 Secrets Only Lesbians Know

Is it just me, or are most butch women total bottoms in bed?

WATCH: The History Of Sex Toys!

From literal rock dildos to the first ever gender neutral toy...

WATCH : Lesbians Guess The Sex Toy!

"Anything is a toy if you try hard enough."

WATCH: Do Gender Limiting Girl Toys and Boy Toys Limit Kids' Development?

"Girl" and "Boy" toys and gender norms are hurting our youth.

WATCH : Carmilla Web Stars Play 'Never Have I Ever'

We all know they've kissed other women...but what else have they done?

WATCH: Is There Such a Thing As a Lesbian Smile? - A Test...

Our research says, sometimes. We don't want to stereotype BUT, is there a slight difference in the way lesbians smile?

WATCH : Femme vs Stemme Lesbian Cheerleading!

Can a stemme beat a femme at a 'feminine' sport?

WATCH : Do Lesbians Cheat For The Same Reason As Straight Men?

Is it more difficult for us to have open relationships?

WATCH : Who Watches The Most Lesbian Porn? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

Is this a new way to forward the marriage equality movement?

WATCH: Toxic Relationship Habits We're All Guilty Of

It's easy to see EXTREME toxic situations, but what about the ones that lie just above the surface?

WATCH : Is She REALLY Into You?

Got a girl crush but not sure if she's into you too?

WATCH : What Do Lesbians Think About Before A First Kiss?

They say first kisses tell you all you need to know about the relationship...that means the pressure is on!

WATCH: Addicted to Straight Girls? There's a Support Group

Addicted to straight girls? There's an anonymous group for that.

WATCH : Are All Women Bi-Curious?

What is bi-curious anyway? Really...

WATCH : What's The WORST Thing About Lesbian Relationships?

We know all the good things that come with one, so what's some of the bad stuff?

WATCH : What Kind of Lesbian Hates Going Down?

Sexuality isn't that simple. Are there women out there who dislike going down?