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In Media Les: Queer Lady Web Series - 5 to 10 Minutes in Heaven

One of the ways that the web democratizes media is that, given access to some funds or a way to raise them, anyone can make a series and put it out there for an audience to find. While there are still certainly barriers to access including requiring funding and know-how, it is still easier for a queer content creator to make a web series than a television show or film. There are more web series out now than ever before, representing all types of genre, story and characters. And that means thumbs up for queer ladies!

In Media Les: 'High Art' - Where the Only Fun is in the Pun

The title of Lisa Cholodenko’s High Art (1998) is a pun. Because it’s about an artist who does drugs. Get it? “High” art? This is the silliest thing about the film -- rest of it is pretty serious and difficult. I’m still a bit miffed though, because High Artwould have been a perfect name for a buddy road movie about the zany adventures of two stoners who’ve been hired to bring a priceless painting to an auction across the country in 48 hours. Instead, we get sad Ally Sheedy and the filmic equivalent of listening to the Mazzy Star cover of “Sweet Jane” on endless loop.

'Do you want to come inside my house?' 'Foxfire' and the Teenage Closet

Long before I came out as queer -- before I told my family, my friends, or even just strangers on the Internet (hell – before I’d ever used the Internet), I had these chicks I loved named Legs, Maddy, Goldie, Rita and Violet.

Op-Ed: Why Bad Male Comics are Threatened by Funny Ladies

WHY WOMEN ARE A “PROBLEM” Women are growing in number in the comedy world, and some men just can’t seem to take the heat. Some male comics will moan at every turn that it’s because the women aren’t funny, or they are “sleeping their way” into opportunities, or they “have it easier” or they are “bitches”…they complain too much or they ask for things they don’t deserve.