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Am I Straight? I Never Played Basketball...

You should be feeling very privileged right now because what I’m about to tell you I’ve never told anyone before—I was a band geek. The reason I’m confessing all this is that I’ve just read an article on AfterEllen and I think I might have a problem. I might not be a lesbian. That’s Coach Jaye Collins and he’s got me wondering because I never played basketball—I skipped out on high school PE! I freaked out and quickly made a gay/straight list:

ESPN to Launch espnW - ESPN Channel for Women

I’ve often dreamed about having more womens’ sports highlighted on television and now that it looks like something appearing to be that animal has appeared in my sights, I seem to have very mixed emotions. V.P. Gentile is overseeing a retreat this week at a Southern California resort — which includes athletes such as Shannon Miller (gymnast), Jennie Finch (softball), Laila Ali (boxer), Julie Foudy (soccer) and Marion Jones (track and field), as well as lots of sports marketers — to toss around ideas for espnW.

Playing Tackle with the Women of the NY Sharks Football Team: Interview

I know for a fact that women play football—tackle football. The International Women’s Football League currently has over 1,600 women playing on 41 teams. Tier I is the best of the best with 19 teams in almost as many states. SheWired caught up with a four-year veteran of one of these teams, the New York Sharks. Say hello to starting center #74 Melissa Pickett…

The Jock Box: L.A. Sparks' Tina Thompson

Every week I slave over a mouse, keypad and double whatever and tonic to bring you the “Jock’s Box”: A quick look at women athletes that have caught my eye for one reason or another. This week it’s Tina Thompson, forward for the L.A. Sparks.

The Jock Box: Yani Tseng

This week’s Jock’s Box will be written with a British accent (my Taiwanese sucks) in honor of Yani Tseng’s win at the Women’s British Open. Yani won the open by one stroke making a 6-foot putt over Katherine Hull. This is the 21-year-old’s third major title and second of the year paired with the Kraft Nabisco.

VIII Gay Games Kick Off in Cologne

The wait is finally over! The VIII Gay Games have begun in Cologne, Germany. It’s one of the world’s largest amateur athletic events and allows people from all walks of life to compete. It’s the brainchild of Dr. Tom Waddell, a 1968 Olympics decathlon competitor. He wanted to create a place where all LGBT athletes could show their equality to the world through their skills and competitive spirit, and hopefully promote a better understanding through sport.

The Jock Box: Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

The X Games are about to get underway and this week’s Jock’s Box has one of its sexy participants in the spotlight. Say hello to Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins. At 20 years old only 5’4” she’s tiny stick of dynamite on a skateboard and a six medal X Game winner.

13-Year-Old Little Leaguer Chelsea Baker Throws a Mean Knuckleball

Right now there are two famous residents of Plant City, Florida. The first is Joe Niekro, the famed knuckleball pitcher known for his incredible seasons with the Houston Astros. The second is Chelsea Baker, a 13 year-old girl pitcher in an all-boys league who hasn’t lost a sanctioned game in four years.

The Jock Box: Lindsay Vonn

Welcome to The Jock’s Box. Home of a admirably-lit and sexily-placed pedestal for Shewired to drop those women athletes we all love to admire. Don’t feel guilty—just lay back and enjoy the double entendre. This week I didn’t have to do any work; the ESPYs did it for me. They filtered through a stellar list of nominees to pick Lindsey Vonn as Best Female athlete. That award comes  quick on the heels of her landing Best Female US Olympian at L.A.’s Nokia Theater.

A Lesbian Sports' Enthusiast's All-Star Dream Team!

I’m watching the All Star Game as I write this, but to be honest with you, I find it a little boring—too many guys, not enough girls. So I’ve decided to submit my own All Star Team to SheWired and see how they perform. They will be in no particular order and won’t be holding a bat, but I’m sure you’d want them all to score a homerun with you, including Venus Williams, Dara Torres, Paula Creamer, Natasha Kai and Caster Semenya.

Questions About Caster Semenya

Earlier this week the media announced that runner Caster Semenya had been “cleared” to return to competition by the International Association of Athletics Federation. “Good,” I say, but for me there’s still something unsettled and unsettling about the whole thing.

Pro Hockey Supports Gay Pride

Time to rock the red, white and blue sweat bands for outdoor sports and become very good friends with someone having access to a pool. Time also to let go of my smoldering disappointment that the Flyers didn't bring home the Stanley Cup. This Saturday June 27th, the winning Chicago Blackhawks will soften the blow quite a bit. Defenseman Brent Sopel will ride on the Chicago Gay Hockey Association's float in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade, and he will be holding that coveted Cup.

Fashion Faux Pas at the French Open: Put Some Clothes on Venus!

The news this week is chock full of French Open Tennis. The problem is no one is talking about the scores or the sport; everyone is gabbing about the attire. I was geared up to be righteously indignant about how women are objectified and no one wants to just talk about the sport anymore and then I saw the pics. Sweet Jesus, are those some God-awful clothes…

Elena Kagan, Softball and Sexual Stereotyping...

Even though no one wants to admit it, there are stereotypes. People try to be good, but we all are at fault when it comes to looking at someone and putting them in a category. The photo that ran on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on May 11th doesn't do much good for the Republican rumors that Elena Kagan is a lesbian, considering the photo is her playing softball 17 years ago.

Golfer Christina Kim is 'Swinging from her Heels!'

Spring has sprung and the thoughts of lesbians, young and old alike, turn to how to get control of that new driver or hybrid club you picked up on clearance during the holidays. While we’ve been binge buying equipment and binge eating mac and cheese, pro golfer Christina Kim finished writing a book.

Lesbian Sports Pioneer Pat Griffin Talks to SheWired

The Global LGBT Summit is underway in Philadelphia. On Thursday April 29th a National Sports Panel discussed the toxic effect of homophobia in college and professional sports. One of the panelists was Dr. Pat Griffin.

Fun and 'Gay'mes in Atlantic City with Suzanne Westenhoefer

There I’ve packed a cooler with medicinal beverages—I take one and down it quickly. Feeling better, I jump into the passenger seat of the car and grin at my exasperated girlfriend. I’m officially ready to begin my Fun and “Gay”mes weekend at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Caster Semenya Back Where she Belongs: On the Track!

Last August Caster Semenya won the Women's 800 gold medal at the World Championship in Berlin, Germany and was immediately the center of attention after the IAAF requested gender tests. She has not raced since and has remained silent, waiting patiently for the IAAF to release its results, but Tuesday she could wait no longer and released a statement. "I hereby publicly announce my return to athletics' competitions."

Suzanne Westenhoefer Takes on Atlantic City: Interview

Wickedly funny Suzanne Westenhoefer headlines Atlantic City's Fun And "Gay"mes Weekend at the Trump Taj Majal March 27. If that's not enough, she'll be calling gay bingo the next day. SheWired caught up with Suzanne who talked about her new show "Totally Inappropriate," her competitive lesbian sister and that over-manicured bush in her yard.

Sports Smorgasbord: Erin Andrews, Eri Yoshida, Gina Carano

This sports’ update has everything!  Dancing, athletic prowess, sex. OK…that’s not everything, but aren’t those things enough to pique a lesbian’s interest? Erin Andrews joins Dancing With the Stars, pitcher Eri Yoshida is the first female to get drafted by a Japanese pro team, Gina Gershon bites her lip and Playboy catches girls making out at a Chicago Bulls game.