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Inner Vision: Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl

It began like this: 'Hey Lisa. I just read your column about Prop 8...and I wanted to talk to you about it.' A rather direct voicemail message from my relatively reserved long-time girlfriend. A long-time Catholic. I was, of course, immediately intrigued...

Inner Vision: Separate Not Equal

Writer Lisa B. Valentino weighs in on the California supreme court's appalling decision to uphold the anti-gay marriage measure Prop 8. 'I realize that we are in the throes of an epic legal battle for civil rights -- again and still; and that I may seem idealistic and naïve. I assure you I am neither. Nor am I gay, straight, black, white, woman, man or otherwise described by human-born limitations and labels.'

Inner Vision: By Any Other Name

Rose bobbed her head like a dashboard cupie, trying to get used to her new graduated lenses. She liked her old bifocals better. Clear lines: the top was for far away and the bottom for up close. But the hipster-optometrist convinced her that the rimless squares she now wore were “bleeding-edge,” whatever that meant, and infinitely more attractive than her old specs. 

Inner Vision: God is in the Details

Writer Lisa B. Valentino goes down that often slippery slope of putting all that God talk right in the forefront. 'Let's talk about God, shall we? Whoa. Yes, I went there. They say you should never discuss politics, religion, or sex in mixed company, but what use do I have for repressive social mores? Besides, it came to me in meditation and you know how I feel about those inside messages.'

Inner Vision: Inside Out

Writer Lisa B. Valentino asks the timeless question, 'Where is my inspiration?' Only to conclude after a few uninspirational, pseudo-inspirational writing articles and a fistful of cookies that: We must learn to live our lives from the inside out. Nothing comes TO us - everything comes FROM us.

Inner Vision: Under the Influence

Writer Lisa B. Valentino celebrates her birthday, and uses the opportunity to talk astrology and chat about influence. Planetary position affects other living things in nature, so why not us?

Inner Vision: The Advocate

what is it that propels us to continue on the path to our dreams, our goals?  It is called faith. Now, don't go gettin' on your high horse about how you don't believe in faith and all that crap. Of course you do. How do I know that? Because, although it has been much maligned as religious rhetoric -- fantasy -- it is the stronghold of our existence from which we live moment-to-moment each day. Whether or not you 'believe in God.'

Inner Vision: Temporary Blindness

Writer Lisa B. Valentino uses the old Joan Crawford flick Night Gallery as a jumping off place for the old 'be careful what you wish for.' In times of crazy uncertainty, she emphasizes the need to recognize the good stuff. 'The failure to recognize our good is as much a spiritual kind of blindness as it is physical. We often don’t see what’s right in front of us, because we’re expecting something else.'

Inner Vision: She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain

Writer Lisa B. Valentino contemplates “Why does this always happen to me?” Read this, and you'll have the answer to that question.  But it won't be easy.

Inner Vision: Hope Ordained...Obama's Inauguration

Today, as we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., I see with new eyes the fulfillment of a dream that has eluded us too long. Today, I write with my green pen - the color of hope - to speak of the momentous occasion. Today, his hope is ordained. We are changed not because of Barack Obama's color, but because We The People have seen beyond his color.

Inner Vision: The Human Whisperer

For when it comes to our animals, we feel a need to protect, to nurture, to give of ourselves. For when it comes to human-human relationships, we demand perfection. Write Lisa B. Valentino contemplates the need for a Cesar Millan for humans.

Inner Vision: It's All About Me

It's All About Me. It seems an odd choice of subject during a season dedicated to love and sharing, doesn't it? Perhaps, if you're only looking on the surface. But you know that's not how we do it here.No, here we go a little deeper to find the truth. And today's truth is about how those around us reflect back to us the things we need to learn about ourselves.

Inner Vision: To the Manor Born

With the perilous state of our global economy at the forefront of everyone’s minds, I’ve come to think there is an actual ailment sweeping the nation. 'Recession depression' is what I’m calling it. As is often the case in the midst of chaos, there is a goldmine of opportunity to learn and discover a different reality that is more in tune with our naturally wealthy, spiritual state of being.

Inner Vision: Pressing Hard

We spend so much time trying to push, force, cajole and press for what we want… when if we just relaxed, everything we need would come to us when we need it.

Inner Vision: Look Into My Crystal Ball

To believe, or not to believe. That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to follow the offerings of a gypsy fortune teller or your Aunt Gladys’ tea leaves, who can say?

Inner Vision: Color My World

Writer Lisa B. Valentino says she's decided to step squarely into the political arena. So take a deep breath or a Xanax if you have to… and let the colored girl tell you what’s on her mind. Did she say 'colored?' Oh yes, she did.

Inner Vision: The Power Trip, Part I

Power hair, power suits, power couples, power lunches. Power crunches. In a world obsessed with power, it’s amazing how few people recognize their own. Well, listen up, ladies and gents, Lisa V. is here to remind you that we are all mega-moguls in our own right because true power comes from within, not from without.