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Kristen Stewart cast as astronaut Sally Ride & it's a giant step for Sapphic kind

Kristen Stewart is headed to outer space in this new limited series!

About time! 'Doctor Who' gets the gay kiss we've been waiting for

"I hope we're seeing Rogue again," Groff said of his Doctor Who character.

15 Pride products from brands that actually give back to the LGBTQ+ community

These brands are putting their money where their mouths are this Pride Month.

Reclaiming lesbian: Why the label ISN'T problematic & we love saying it!

Two proud lesbians take on the most complicated debates around the L word and explain why they will never give it up.

Magneto got all tied up on 'X-Men '97' and gay fans are MELTING DOWN

The gays had some pretty hilarious reactions to the latest episode...

'X-Men '97's gay fans found out how hunky Gambit's voice actor is & they are losing it

This actor is hotter than one of Gambit's kinetic playing cards!

Billie Eilish wants her 'face in a vagina' & we completely understand

"I've been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn't understand," she said.

PRUDE ALERT: Stop shaming gay men for bar hookups!

That's what gay bars were invented for!!!

Cheer on these 11 LGBTQ+ 2024 Olympians

These queer athletes are heading to the Paris 2024 Olympics!

Lee Pace rang his 45th birthday with a gift for us: new sexy shirtless pics

If its Foundation star's birthday this week and he is worth CELEBRATING!

10 LGBTQ+ artists we are hyped to see at Lollapalooza 2024

Get ready for a great festival with these queer artists!

'Drag Race' & 'We're Here' star Shangela hit with multiple new sexual assault allegations

The actor and popular drag performer is denying the allegations.

​Big Dipper reveals he gives hookups a fake address to screen them & gay Twitter is READING

The rapper admitted he gives potential hookups a false address before meeting up with them, drawing concerns from some folks online.

John Cena was totally naked at the Oscars & had us going FERAL

"The male body is not a joke," the Peacemaker actor said.

Ricky Martin is opening up about his foot fetish—and he's not afraid to let the world know about it

The recently-single singer also revealed how he meets guys.

Gay X-Men fans are freaking out over hunky Hercules and twinky Iceman on a new comic cover

Is Iceman really the pass around party bottom of the Marvel Universe?

These are the hottest male celebrity nude scenes of 2023 according to Mr. Man

When it comes to the best male nudity in television and film, Mr. Man is the authoritative source!

Couple's Goals: Watch Jonathan Bennett's hubby react to his first Broadway role

Bennett shared a video of him telling his husband Jaymes Vaughan that he was cast in Spamalot.

Rihanna comes out as a bottom & demands 'disrespect'

RiRi said bottom's rights!