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7 Queer Women Making Sure We All Know That #BlackLivesMatter

The candles may burn for black men slain by police, but those candles are raised by women.

Kate Brown, First Openly LGBT Governor, Assumes Office With Pointed Inauguration Speech

Kate Brown took office as Oregon's governor Wednesday, promising to leave behind the political scandal that has plagued the state recently.

This Bisexual Oregonian Will Be Nation's First Out Governor

Openly bisexual secretary of state Kate Brown to become the 37th governor of Oregon.

Kansas Rolls Back LGBT Protections With Stroke of Pen

Kansas governor Sam Brownback issued an executive order that could put the employment of state workers in jeopardy.

Activists Storm LGBT Conference in Wake of Queer Latina Killing

Following the demonstration, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told organizers that he would not speak at this year's Creating Change conference as planned.

The World Honors LGBT Holocaust Victims on Day of Remembrance

Events will be held all day Tuesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz from Nazi Germany.

Federal Judge Rules Michigan Must Recognize Married Same-Sex Couples

A judge ruled that Michigan's decision not to recognize the marriages of 300 same-sex couples 'unquestionably wounds them deeply.'

Your 2015 Female-Approved Travel Bucket List

Grab your suitcase and go somewhere life-changing this year.

Living The Suite Life In Palm Springs

Have we found the perfect desert hotel? Quite possibly.

Op-ed: What If Stonewall Happened Now?

The catalyst and the heartache, as revisited with Ferguson on our TV screens.

Federal Judge Rules for Marriage Equality in Arkansas

The ruling will likely be appealed to a higher court, but same-sex marriages may resume in Arkansas.

BREAKING: SCOTUS Lets Couples Marry in Kansas

The high court decided Wednesday that same-sex couples in Kansas should not have to wait any longer to get married.

What To Pack To Keep Looking Gorgeous While Traveling

Whether I'm going home to visit family, Chicago for a conference, or the remote French Alps, every trip starts with these essentials to keep me looking and feeling fresh.

Little Girl Barks Back At Bible-Thumping Street Preacher

A Halloween street preacher in Salem, Massachusetts met his match.

Maura Healey Elected First Out State Attorney General

Healey, who was part of the team that brought marriage equality to Massachusetts, will be the state's top attorney.

12 Packing Light Tips from a Traveling Pro

You can go anywhere with a 30-liter backpack and some elbow grease.

AfterEllen Leaves Logo Online For Enthusiast Publisher EvolveMedia

AfterEllen, the site long read by queer women around the world, is changing companies.

Skiing — It’s Like Downhill Ice Skating, Right?

My first time on skis? On the French Alps.

Supreme Court Sends Marriage to 5 States; More to Come?

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear a series of cases regarding marriage equality, and the effect of the ruling could quickly extend to more states.